Six Ways Staff Members Can Stay Comfortable While Using Their Surgical Masks

Wearing surgical masks is necessary for many healthcare workers. There are many things staff members can do to make surgical mask-wearing more comfortable and less distracting while they're working. The following are six ways staff members can stay comfortable while using their surgical masks.  Wearing masks that tie in the back Wearing a surgical mask with elastic ear straps can cause the ears to become sore. Surgical masks that tie in the back rather than being held in place by the ears are often more comfortable. Read More 

How Stairlifts Are Beneficial for Those in a Wheelchair

Being confined to a wheelchair is often very difficult for some people. This is especially true for those who live in a home that has indoor stairs. It is not uncommon for those who become confined to a wheelchair to feel they need to find a new place to live if they cannot access the stairs in their home. Fortunately, this does not always have to happen. Some people who are in wheelchairs have been able to remain in their same home by having a stairlift installed. Read More 

Keeping Your Infant Safe When Using Hearing Aids

If you have a newborn baby who has been diagnosed with a hearing problem, and you have purchased hearing aids to help them hear sounds, you are most likely a bit concerned about their safety when using these devices. Your baby's audiologist will most likely give you some instructions in their usage. Here are some additional tips you can use to help keep your baby safe while using these hearing enhancers. Check The Devices Every Day Before Use Read More 

Does Your Facility Have An AED? Five Common Myths About Buying One Debunked

Whether you operate a public or private facility, you may have held off purchasing an AED (automatic external defibrillator). AEDs are the devices used to shock the heart and restore it to its proper rhythm if it has stopped beating in an emergency. If your hesitance in buying an AED has been because you believe many of the common myths about their use, here are five of them debunked for you. Read More 

Hearing Aids, Testing And Assistance For Veterans

After serving in the military, many veterans face the sometimes unseen costs of conflict and duty. Risking life and limb can mask many of the more subtle forms of deterioration until life has a chance to slow down, and some issues such as hearing loss may not be noticed until a veteran has lived as a civilian for quite some time. If you're noticing a few hearing issues and suspect your military service as the cause, you're entitled to a few benefits. Read More