How Stairlifts Are Beneficial for Those in a Wheelchair

Being confined to a wheelchair is often very difficult for some people. This is especially true for those who live in a home that has indoor stairs. It is not uncommon for those who become confined to a wheelchair to feel they need to find a new place to live if they cannot access the stairs in their home. Fortunately, this does not always have to happen. Some people who are in wheelchairs have been able to remain in their same home by having a stairlift installed. These are some ways a stairlift is beneficial to those confined to a wheelchair.

Better Mobility

The top reason that many who are in a wheelchair have stairlifts installed in their home is that it gives them better mobility at home. They do not have to remain confined to the first floor of their homes. Since those who have stairlifts in their home can now have access to the upstairs as well as downstairs, this also gives them a feeling of being more independent. They may also be able to live alone and not require an in-home caregiver to assist them.

More Economical

Those who are in a wheelchair may have three options to choose from if they live in a home with indoor stairs. They can have a stairlift installed, have an elevator installed, or move to a different location. Often having a stairlift installed is the more economical choice. It will cost a lot more to have an elevator installed in the home. It may also cost more over time to move to a new location because they may find themselves paying two mortgages or one mortgage and the cost of renting a new place at the same time until the home they no longer reside in can be sold.

Ease of Use

Stairlifts that are designed for wheelchairs are very easy for people to use. They simply need to pull up onto the ramp of the stairlift and use the built-in hand controls to rise to the top of the stairs in their wheelchair. Once they are at the top, they can leave the stairlift parked in place until they are ready to come back downstairs again.

Depending on the type of medical insurance the person has, having a wheelchair stairlift installed may or may not be covered by insurance. Some patients who have Medicaid are able to get a wheelchair stairlift paid for through their local community-based services. To learn more, contact a company that installs indoor wheelchair stairlifts.