foot in pain
foot in pain
foot in pain foot in pain

Pain Relief Products for the Foot, Ankle, Arch, Toes, Achilles Tendon and Plantar Fasciitis.

All products on this web site are foot pain relief effective in their application. Each product has been tested, tried, and proven to be effective in clinical trials and with actual users.

Our foot pain relief products focus on Pain Intensity Levels of 5 or higher where such remedies as aspirin, and ibuprofen, although helpful, DO NOT bring sustainable and effective pain relief.

foot pain

Your 100% Satisfaction is Guaranteed! for every product. If you are not 100% happy with the results from the use of any product on this web site, we will cheerfully refund your money for the product. Refer to our Contact Page for return details.





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foot pain relief

6.6 ML

Neuroquell ̉ The Best 21st Century "Smart" Topical Application for Foot pain relief on the market today.

Neuroquell Rated as a 10++ on the Pain Intensity Scale

Gets right to the source of the Foot pain by means of a very select quantity of powerful herbs blended together through a special proprietary process and blending procedure that increases each of the herbs foot pain relieving effectiveness by a factor of 20.


Neuroquell Pain Relief is a powerful 21st Century Topical Medication for painful Arthritis.
Neuroquell Pain Relief for very Painful Arthritis conditions.
foot in pain

2 Oz

MENASTIL for Excrutiating Foot Pain.

Menastil Rated as a 9-10 on the Pain Intensity Scale

This is a very effective topical application on the market, where severe foot pain discomfort is involved.

Also, Flexi-5 can be used in conjuction with Menastil, where Menastil is first applied then Flexi-5 is taken orally twice a day between Menastil applications.


Menastil Penetrating Relief for Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis
Immediate Relief for Severe Foot and Plantar Discomfort.
foot in pain

2 Oz

EZ PAIN RELIEF ̉ One of the Best 21st Century "Smart" Topical Applications for Foot Pain.

EZ Pain Relief Rated as a 6-7 on the Pain Intensity Scale

Gets right to the source of foot pain by means of a very small quantity of herbs blended together through a special proprietary process and mixing procedure that increases each of the herbs pain relieving effectiveness by a factor of 10X.


EZ Pain Relief 21st Century Topical Foot Pain Medication
EZ Pain Relief for Effective Foot Pain Relief (Sample Available)
foot pain

120 Capsules

Flexi-5 ̉ ...has the potential to revolutionize foot joint and muscle pain treatment.

Flexi-5 Rated as a 7-8 on the Pain Intensity Scale

Flexi-5 for foot pain relief from all forms of joint and muscle aches associated with the feet.

Flexi-5 can be used in conjuction with Menastil and/or EZ Pain Relief, where Menastil is first applied, allowed to dry, then EZ Pain Relief as an pain extender enhancer with Flexi-5 taken twice a day in between Menastil applications.


Flexi-5 Penetrating Foot Pain Relief.
Flexi-5 for Soothing, Penetrating, Foot Pain Relief.
foot pain

1/3 Oz

Topicaine/Betacaine ̉ Betacaine w/ 5% Lidocaine for Penetrating Foot Pain Relief

Topicaine/Betacaine Rated as a 8-9 on the Pain Intensity Scale

One of the Best Products we have found for Foot Pain when applied directly to the skin on the foot for relieving nerve pain by numbing the nerves at the point of pain via a local 5% lidocaine anesthetic "numbing agent" contained in the product.


Betacaine Foot Pain Relief with 5% Lidocaine
Betacaine Foot Pain Relief w/ 5% Lidocaine Anesthetic
foot pain relief

60 Capsules

TRAMADEN... ̉ Effectively Replaces Vioxx and Celebrex...and is non-addictive, non-habit forming.

Tramaden Rated as a 9-10 on the Pain Intensity Scale

A pharmaceutical grade non-prescription pain relief formula designed to produce pain relieving effects from foot pain similar to popular prescription drugs without the dangerous side effects.

With the FDA Public Health Advisory statement that clinical trials showed drugs such as Vioxx and Celebrex might be associated with an increased risk of serious health problems, people have been wondering where to turn for safe and effective pain relief for foot pain.

Tramaden contains FDA complaint non-prescriptive ingredients including the highly powerful Celadrin and Bromelain for faster fot pain relief.


Tramaden non-prescription Foot Pain Relief Formula for muscle and joints.
Tramaden non-prescription pain relief capsules for Foot Pain.
foot pain relief

4 oz

MAHANARAYAN Oil ̉ Mahanarayan Oil for Soothing Foot Pain Relief .

Mahanarayan Oil Rated as a 6-7 on the Pain Intensity Scale

Mahanarayan Oil is one of the Best NATURAL pain relief foot massage oils available on the market because of its Heat Producing Effect.

An ancient recipe that contains over thirty herbs in a base of certified organic sesame oil. A nourishing and strengthening oil with analgesic qualities, it is used to soothe sore foot muscles/joints to help rehabilitate foot pain associated with joints and/or muscles.


Mahanarayan Pain Relief Massage Oil for the muscle and joints foot pain.
Mahanarayan Analgisic Massage Oil for Foot Pain.
foot pain relief

2 oz

HEARTLAND PAIN CREAM ̉ Heartland Natural™ Pain Cream for safe, immediate foot pain relief.

Heartland Rated as a 7-8 on the Pain Intensity Scale

A revolutionary 3-in-1 formulation goes to work where the foot pain problem starts and offers long term benefits. While the ingredients - Arnica and Emu Oil - help to ease pain and inflammation, Glucosamine Sulfate, the third ingredient, actively nourishes the foot joints to aid in the healing process to help relieve pain in the foot.


3-in-1 Natural Pain Cream for the Foot.
Heartland Pain Cream for Foot Pain (Small Travel Size Available).
foot pain relief

4 Oz

PREMIERE SPRAY PAIN RELIEF for the Foot. ̉ All natural, menthol, herbal formula for stiff foot joints,
sprains, bruises, and sore muscles.

Premiere Pain Spray Rated as a 5-7on the Pain Intensity Scale

Premiere is a proprietary blend of essential oils, menthol and proprietary blend of herbs that will penetrate the skin and block the pain receptors in your body to allow your body's natural defenses to kick in and dramatically decrease discomfort of the Foot. It is fast and very effective pain relief product.


Premiere Spray On Blend of Essential Oils to Block the Pain Receptors in the Foot.

Premiere Spray Penetrating Pain Relief for the Foot.

Sponsors or vendors DO NOT influence the content of this Web site. The site is primarily designed for use by consumers seeking information about painful foot conditions and foot treatment products associated with foot pain that could potentially assist in the pain relief and pain management of the foot. The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider.

Our products do not diagnose or cure diseases of the foot. Our products are all natural, non-narcotic treatment products for the feet and some have not yet been assessed by the FDA. These products are intended for topical/oral application for the feet. Please use as instructed and if the pain condition in your foot persists, see a doctor.

The information provided relative to content on this web site is for educational and informational purposes only and in no way should be considered as an offering of medical advice or medical cure in the case of any and all information and products. Please check with a physician or medical specialty practioner in all cases of foot pain no matter how minor the pain may be. A qualified physician or medical specialty practioner is absolutely essential to an effective pain management program for the relief of pain in the foot.

For additional information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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