Tips For Having CR System Parts Refurbished

After having a CR (computed radiography) system in a medical facility for years, some of its parts may not work so great. You don't have to just get rid of them for new components though. Thanks to refurbishing services, these CR system parts can be restored. These tips can help you have a successful refurbishing process. 

Make a List of Parts That Require Refurbishing

When you have CR system parts refurbished, you might as well have all relevant parts refurbished at the same time. That will speed up this process and enable you to start taking advantage of a well-functioning CR system in your medical facility in a shorter period of time.

You will need to conduct a complete assessment of the CR system to see what parts could benefit from refurbishing services. It could be the computer console, plates, or internal components. If you aren't able to take the CR system apart to assess which parts need to be refurbished, then just hire a skilled CR system technician.

Rent Out Replacement Units

When you have parts on a CR system refurbished, major components may be missing for an extended period of time. That may mean not being able to use the CR system in your practice. You should respond by renting out replacement CR systems.

Then having your CR system's components refurbished won't be a complicated process that you have to work around. You can just use a rental system until parts are refurbished and set up properly on the CR system that you own. 

Get a Professional Opinion on Refurbishing First

Before you have any parts of your CR system refurbished, you should first get an opinion from a professional refurbishing company. They can tell you if CR system parts can be restored or not based on their current condition.

Some parts may be so old or damaged that refurbishing may not be possible. You need to replace these components with new CR system parts. Then you'll have parts that are good candidates for refurbishing, and a professional company will let you know so that your money isn't wasted. 

CR systems can sometimes have parts that break down or stop performing how they need to for your medical practice. If you plan on dealing with these CR system parts with refurbishing services, make sure you know the capabilities of this restoration process and know how to set it up properly. 

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