3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Help Manage Pain

People living with chronic pain can find it difficult to engage in the most basic of tasks. For many of these sufferers, prescription medications have been the only pain management tools available. Advancements in technology have given rise to a new form of pain management program — the use of in-home therapeutic virtual reality. Entering a virtual reality has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of pain a patient feels while allowing them to reduce their reliance on potentially addictive medications.

1. Virtual Reality Provides a Distraction

One of the most extraordinary things about virtual reality devices is that they can offer the user an immersive experience. A person feels like they are actually in the virtual world experiencing the sights, sounds, and smells.

It is this immersive experience that helps to distract a patient from the pain signals being sent through the body. By diverting their attention to a virtual reality, someone with chronic pain can effectively ignore pain signals during the therapeutic session. This provides much-needed relief without the use of prescription narcotics.

2. Virtual Reality Promotes Relaxation

Many of the virtual reality programs used to help manage pain contain an element of relaxation. This relaxation can come in the form of guided meditation, breathing exercises, or a tranquil setting. The ability to hone one's relaxation skills can help with the management of pain.

By using virtual reality to help patients become more attuned to their bodies and learn to control their breathing, muscle tension, and stress, doctors can effectively reduce pain without the use of any prescribed medications.

3. Virtual Reality Can Prevent Depression

Chronic pain and depression often go hand-in-hand with one another. Severe pain can limit the activities that a person is able to engage in on a daily basis. Many people who suffer from chronic pain find it difficult to even leave their homes. These limitations can affect a person's mood, and depression can actually exacerbate severe pain.

Virtual reality therapy gives people the ability to see new locations and participate in new experiences without leaving the comfort of their favorite chair. Using virtual reality to expand the horizons of those with chronic pain helps prevent severe depression, which also helps to alleviate pain.

Entering a virtual reality is more than just a fun experience. Those who suffer from chronic pain can use virtual reality therapy to find the relief they are looking for. Contact a local medical professional to learn more about how to manage pain with VR.