Six Ways Staff Members Can Stay Comfortable While Using Their Surgical Masks

Wearing surgical masks is necessary for many healthcare workers. There are many things staff members can do to make surgical mask-wearing more comfortable and less distracting while they're working.

The following are six ways staff members can stay comfortable while using their surgical masks. 

Wearing masks that tie in the back

Wearing a surgical mask with elastic ear straps can cause the ears to become sore. Surgical masks that tie in the back rather than being held in place by the ears are often more comfortable. They are also easier to adjust to fit staff members with different size heads more comfortably. 

Using defogging techniques

Staff members that wear glasses could experience fogging issues while working with surgical masks on. This is uncomfortable and makes working more difficult due to visibility problems.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to prevent fogging. One option is to spray or wipe the lenses of glasses with an anti-fog treatment. Another option is to put a tissue inside the mask that will absorb some of the moisture to minimize fogging. 

Supply different size masks

Some surgical mask suppliers offer different mask sizes. It's good to make several surgical mask size options available to staff members. This way, they can choose a mask that offers the best possible fit. 

Washing the face before wearing a mask

One problem those who wear surgical masks can sometimes face is skin breakouts. Surgical masks can cause breakouts and skin irritation by creating friction against the skin. Another reason why surgical masks can cause breakouts is that they create a moist, sweaty environment around the face. 

Staff members can avoid breakouts while wearing surgical masks if they get in the habit of washing their face right before putting their mask on and right after they take their mask off. 

Keeping the temperature on the cool side

Another common issue with mask-wearing is overheating. Masks keep the warmth of an individual's breath right up against the face. This makes it so that individuals have a tendency to feel hot while wearing masks for an extended period of time.

If possible, you should try to keep your facility interiors a little on the cool side to prevent your staff members from feeling overheated. 

Keeping breath mints available

Surgical masks hold the breath against the face. Keeping breath mints available is therefore a good idea. Those wearing masks won't have to deal with unpleasant breath odors while wearing a mask if they can freshen their breath with breath mints regularly. 

If you need more N95 masks, contact a local medical equipment supplier.