Keeping Your Infant Safe When Using Hearing Aids

If you have a newborn baby who has been diagnosed with a hearing problem, and you have purchased hearing aids to help them hear sounds, you are most likely a bit concerned about their safety when using these devices. Your baby's audiologist will most likely give you some instructions in their usage. Here are some additional tips you can use to help keep your baby safe while using these hearing enhancers.

Check The Devices Every Day Before Use

Since your baby is not able to signify when their hearing aids are working, it will be up to you to check the devices each day. Make this an important part of your daily routine, as an incorrect volume setting could mean unbearable noise or no sound at all for your baby.  It is important to select a hearing aid model with a tamper-resistant battery area. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and keep a spare set on hand in your home for emergencies.

Take The Hearing Aids Out At Appropriate Times

It is best to keep hearing aids out of your baby's ears at times they are sleeping. This will allow them to have a restful sleep, while protecting their ears from injury should they roll over onto their side during their slumber time. Make it a goal to put in the hearing aids as soon as your baby awakens. This will allow them to get used to having them in at all times when they are alert. Be sure to remove the hearing aids when it is time for your baby's bath to avoid moisture damage to the units.

Be Aware Of Feedback Whistling Sounds

When your baby is in a lying down position, their hearing aids may make a whistling sound. This is a minor annoyance that may not be heard by your baby depending on the severity of their hearing loss. To minimize this sound, use a bouncer seat for your baby to rest inside as this will keep their head supported and upright during their waking hours. Hold your baby so they are peeking over your shoulder or rest them upon your lap in an elevated position rather than laying them flat in your arms when you spend time with them. 

Using a lubricant in each ear can also be helpful in keeping feedback from occurring. This is sold in any hearing aid store. Simply dab a bit of the lubricant in each of your baby's ears before inserting their hearing aids inside.

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