Determining The Cause Of The Menacing Noises Coming From Your CPAP Machine

A number of people who use CPAP machines blame noisiness as the reason for not using their machines as recommended. Some people even make comparisons between their "noisy machines" and their loud snoring, suggesting that both are loud, and therefore, they decide not to use their machines. If you have used this as a reason, seriously consider if your mask is the issue. The following information will help you better understand which components of your CPAP machine could be causing the noise.

Exhaust Issues

CPAP machines are created in a manner that is supposed to allow the pressure from the machine to be exhausted from the mask. Think of how built up exhaust sounds as it exits a vehicle. The process is similar and thus, noise is created in both situations due to the release of built-up pressure. 

Seal Issues

Leaky masks are one of the most common reasons that CPAP machine users end up with noisy experiences. A complete seal is imperative to ensure that noises from the machine do not escape out via the mask. Cleaning and drying the mask will aid in ensuring that it stays in its best condition, which will result in a proper seal. You should also be mindful of replacing the head straps routinely since they can also interfere with the mask properly sealing due to worn out straps not fitting snugly around the head. 

If It's the Mask

You may discover that your mask is not the culprit behind the noise. At this point, it is ideal to check the hose connected to your machine. You may need to invest in accessories to make the hose quieter. For example, the hoses for CPAP machines may touch against nearby structures such as bedposts and create noise. A device that insulates the exterior of the hose inside of a soft padded material may eliminate or reduce this type of hose noise. It is also possible that the construction of the tube to your machine is the culprit of the noise. A tubal device that is designed to be inserted inside the hose is ideal to reduce this type of noise issue. 

A medical supply company is a good resource to use for replacement parts for your CPAP machine. They may also be able to offer you additional suggestions on acquiring a machine that produces less noise or recommend noise reduction accessories. For example, if your machine is several years old, it may be time to ask your physician about prescribing a new machine to cease the noise and release the void you feel from missing out on nights of good sleep.