The Benefits Of A Walk In Tub When You Care For A Loved One

If you care for an elderly loved one, you want to make sure you take all the steps necessary to ensure you can care for them in a way that offers them dignity, as well as the safest environment possible. Bathing can be a difficult chore, especially if they need a great deal of assistance. You can help your loved one to maintain a level of independence by having a walk in tub installed in one of the bathrooms. You can learn about the various ways a walk in tub can help in this article.

Independent bathing

If your loved one needs a lot of help with moving around due to mobility problems such as weakness and/or pain, then getting in and out of a bathtub on their own may not be possible. This can mean they are restricted to sponge baths or taking showers in a stand up shower while sitting in a shower chair. Shower chairs can be uncomfortable and they don't allow them to fully clean all areas the way they would like to.

A walk in tub will give them back the ability to shower themselves in a comfortable environment. The walk in tub has a waterproof door in the side of it that opens so your loved one can step right in to the tub. If they need your help, it won't be to the degree it would be with other tubs and showers.

Once the door is shut, the tub can be filled with water and it will remain in the tub. There is a large seat on one side of the tub where they can easily sit down to bathe. There are many different models and this allows you to go with the tub that has a seat that's the right size and shape for your loved one.

Complete cleanliness and relaxation

When a person uses this type of tub, they can enjoy a good soak and this allows them to get in a complete bath and relax any aches and pains they may be suffering with, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Walk in tubs can come with handheld showerheads and this helps them to wash their own hair while sitting in the tub.

A walk in tub can be purchased that also has jets in the sides of it. This allows a person to enjoy a calming whirlpool bath, similar to the feeling of being in a spa. This can be a great way for someone with insomnia to relax before bed, making it easier to get to sleep.

Having a walk in tub, or elderly care tub, installed for your loved one can change the way you care for them in a very positive way.