3 Ways Virtual Reality Can Help Manage Pain

People living with chronic pain can find it difficult to engage in the most basic of tasks. For many of these sufferers, prescription medications have been the only pain management tools available. Advancements in technology have given rise to a new form of pain management program — the use of in-home therapeutic virtual reality. Entering a virtual reality has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of pain a patient feels while allowing them to reduce their reliance on potentially addictive medications. Read More 

Tips For Having CR System Parts Refurbished

After having a CR (computed radiography) system in a medical facility for years, some of its parts may not work so great. You don't have to just get rid of them for new components though. Thanks to refurbishing services, these CR system parts can be restored. These tips can help you have a successful refurbishing process.  Make a List of Parts That Require Refurbishing When you have CR system parts refurbished, you might as well have all relevant parts refurbished at the same time. Read More 

Six Ways Staff Members Can Stay Comfortable While Using Their Surgical Masks

Wearing surgical masks is necessary for many healthcare workers. There are many things staff members can do to make surgical mask-wearing more comfortable and less distracting while they're working. The following are six ways staff members can stay comfortable while using their surgical masks.  Wearing masks that tie in the back Wearing a surgical mask with elastic ear straps can cause the ears to become sore. Surgical masks that tie in the back rather than being held in place by the ears are often more comfortable. Read More